Discover Your Perfect Shade with Bonza Bronz

To get a natural sun-kissed tan with natural ingredients is the driving factor behind our spray tanning products. In a time when we are becoming more aware of the dangers of exposure to the sun and conscious of using only the most natural of products, Bonza Bronz® tan offers men and women of all ages a UV free tanning option second to none. All our spray tanning supplies use the purest botanical extracts and highest quality DHA, to give you the perfect tan without having to spend any time in the sun.

Clearly the leading experts in the market, Bonza Bronz has been synonymous to “Australia’s favourite colour". It's no wonder that thousands of Australians are being sprayed by Bonza Bronz every day and it now has become the No. 1 choice Spray Tan in Europe as well.

Our expertise is not just with the application of the tan. Bonza Bronz also has a supporting range of after service products. This product service range surpasses anything else on the market.


Winter Bronz 1000ml

Machiato 1000ml

Chocolate 1000ml

No Limits 2Hr Developer 1000ml

Bronz Xtend 45 min to 3Hr Developer 500ml

Marrakesh Tan by Bonza Bronz 2Hr Developer 1000ml

Tonic Premium Tanning Solution 1000ml

Shimmer Tan - Silver 1000ml

Shimmer Tan - Bronze 1000ml

Shimmer Tan - Jade 1000ml