Multi Peptide Anti Hair Loss for both Men and Women.

In the present, with alarming levels of pollution and mental stress, hair loss issues have become a significant cause for concern. At IODA Brands, we have formulated a Multi Peptide organic extract-based anti hair loss products that are highly beneficial to both men and women experiencing the heartache of hair loss.

Strega Estetica Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Shampoo, Tonic and now the new Foam is a breakthrough formula that naturally strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. Amino Keratin combines the holy grail of ingredients to deliver a powerful hair-loss fighting formula. Together, this formula prevents the effects Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a derivative of testosterone responsible for hair loss, and increases blood flow to your scalp.

Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Kit Shampoo 250ml Anti Hair Loss Foam 170ml

Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Foam 170ml NEW

Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Kit Shampoo 250ml Anti Hair Loss Tonic 125ml

Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Tonic 125ml

Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

What’s in Amino Keratin Anti Hair Loss Shampoo,Tonic/Foam?

Strega Estetica Amino Keratin is made with Multi Peptides & vitaminized matrikine with apigenin and oleanolic acid to form two powerful hair-loss fighting functions.

How do Amino Keratin anti hair loss products work?

Our powerful combination of ingredients facilitates hair cell communication and holds these cells together to prevent the effects of DHT. DHT is the result of your body’s metabolism or androgen interacting with an enzyme named 5-alphareductase. It’s generally found in the prostate glands, testes, adrenal glands and hair follicles. When DHT reaches the dermal papilla cells (which divide and differentiate to form new hair follicles), it undermines the absorption of essential nutrients for healthy hair follicles. Fortunately, with scientific improvements, Amino greatly reduces the effect of DHT on hair follicles. Amino also increases your scalp’s blood flow, which helps nourish your thin, starving hair. This, in turn, results in your hair thickening, which deters hair loss.

The Anti Hair Loss Shampoo and tonic/Foam together can produce positive results but working at the root cause of hair loss, and is tested to improve the growth of follicles. Many of our customers would vouch for its efficacy.

Innovative Ingredients!

Innovative Ingredients to create the magic formula present in Anti hair loss kit - Oleanic acid, extracted from leaves of olive (Olea europaea), which is a naturally occurring molecule known as a potent inhibitor of 5α-reductase, an enzyme responsible for conversion of testosterone into DHT. As we have just seen, DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the main cause of androgenic alopecia, for its negative activity on the physiological cycle of the hair.

Apigenin, a naturally occurring molecule belonging to the family of flavonoids and extracted from the grapefruit tree (Citrus maxima). Vasculoprotectrice and antioxidant, apigenin contributes to the dilation of blood capillaries, providing a better micro-circulation at the hairline.