| Factors Determining How Often You Should Shampoo Your Hair

Factors Determining How Often You Should Shampoo Your Hair

Factors Determining How Often You Should Shampoo Your Hair

Posted by admin in Hair Cleansing shampo 17 Jun 2016

Your crowning glory gets dirty due to exposure to the elements and needs to be cleaned. You must shampoo your hair on a regular basis to keep it forever shining and squeaky clean. You need to wash your hair using a shampoo as it is effective in removing dirt, grime, and oils from your scalp and hair. Some natural oils are important and you should retain them.  Different people secrete different amounts of oils. According to hair experts, your hair’s natural oil content, its thickness, and extent of dryness of your hair are some of the factors that are taken into consideration to determine exactly how often you must shampoo and condition your hair. Different people should follow different hair regimens.

Hair Types & Frequency of Shampooing

Fine Straight Hair: You must shampoo your hair every day if you like in case you have fine hair. Your hair gets dirty easily and you need to clean it often using a good hair cleansing shampoo. Frequent shampooing would be effective in preventing the build-up of dirt, sweat, and oils and it would help in stopping the follicles from getting clogged thus, preventing itching and flaking and helping your hair to attain optimum growth rate. In case of fine hair, as the hair become greasier it would be weighed down and your hair would start looking dull and limp.

You may shampoo every day if you wish. This would be giving a dryer appearance with no traces of oils on the scalp and hair. A scrupulously clean hair would be reflecting light better and would give a sparkling finish. If you have really fine hair or if you are used to working out a lot, you need to shampoo your hair almost every day. You could at times use dry shampoos that could prove to be a brilliant solution in your case as dry shampoos would be absorbing all the excess oils. This would give your hair the desired lift. You could also, use thickening sprays for adding volume to ultra-thin hair.

Wavy Hair: You must wash your hair at least thrice a week for getting rid of the build-up which could be straightening your wavy hair out. You must remember to condition your hair once or maybe twice a week to give it a shine whenever your hair begins to look very dry.

Curly Hair: You do not need to shampoo your hair too frequently if you have curly hair. You could use shampoo maximum twice a week. A shampoo having moisturizing properties would be best for curly hair as this would be preventing the loss of excessive oil from the scalp and hair, leaving you with a glorious afro.

Heat Styling & Frequency of Shampooing

No matter what your hair type or texture is you need to follow a different hair regimen if you are addicted to heat styling like curling or straightening. You definitely require taking a few more days between washing. Shampoo your heat styled hair after every three days. You must also take a break from harmful blow-drying apart from not shampooing your hair frequently. This should be effective in restoring moisture to your fried tresses.

Colour-Treated Hair & Shampooing Frequency

Highlighting or bleaching your hair are responsible for making your hair follicles more porous so they are able to absorb all the excess oils and appear to be less greasy. Most colour-treated hair could go without washing or shampooing for two to four days. You should wash your hair twice a week using a protein-rich hair cleansing shampoo for restoring health.

Keep the above factors in mind while deciding the hair regimen that is best for your crowning glory.

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